【陳列品DEMO優惠】Rose Technology 弱水科技 BR5 MK2

Perfect ergonomic design

By sampling and comparing the 3D data of 24 Asian ear canals, the revision of the proofing is repeated more than ten times, and the collection of wearing feedback finally achieves the deepening of the ear canal to reduce energy attenuation, and is perfectly fit and comfortable to wear.

出貨方式 自取 / 送貨
定價 HK$2,480
價錢 HK$990

Three-way crossover

6 large ranges are presented in 3 groups

Extra low frequency20-100hz+low frequency(100-300hz)+Middle low frequency(300-800hz)

Middle frequency800-3000hz+Middle high frequency(3000-6000hz)

High frequency6000-10000hz+Extra high frequency(10000-20000hz)

Advanced Shell Manufacturing Process Professional Shell Manufacturing Team

Rose technology chose to cooperate with the listed printing service company, relying on its strong technical capital, using pmma shell made of German 3 million precision industrial printers

More advanced German 3D printing technology, using pmma acrylic fiber material 0.01mm precision printing without stacked cross-grain transparent, higher temperature resistance, heat shrinkage and impact resistance than traditional resin materials

Independent 5BA ,rejects composite BA

The various high-performance balanced armature driver developed by Knowles are different from the dynamic earphones. The BA driver requires an extremely fine manufacturing process, so the price is generally higher. At present, most of the common Knowles drivers in the balanced armature earphones are BK, ED, CI and DTEC, TWFK and other dual units, Shure E1C, E4C, Weston UM1, UM2, etc.

Super low+ technology

Rose technology modifies the low-frequency balanced armature structure by adjusting the frequency dividing circuit, so that the low frequency dive of the BR5 is strengthened, and the traditional moving iron sound of the knocking iron is no longer endured.

Progressive phase adjustment system

Progressive unit sound design, with reasonable length and diameter of the conduit to assist the reasonable attenuation, stepwise change the unit phase, create a larger sound field than other headphones at the same price

Good sound comes from the details of each original

Capacitor designed for audio, using OFC oxygen-free copper feet, extremely low distortion (third harmonic distortion -120 but B), natural silk fiber medium, high quality sound, play silky soft natural, increase low frequency Thick sense, reduce the rough sound quality of the peak pass and the mid-frequency part of the Qualcomm part, and the sound field is large

ELNA is a well-known Japanese manufacturer of electrolytic capacitors. It has a history of more than 60 years. High-end Nissan equipment is almost the world of ELNA acoustic capacitors.

Audio carbon film resistor of TDK, the global leader in electronic components

Carbon film resistors are resistors used by enthusiasts and have a unique sound appeal. The mid- and low-frequency richness and wetting degree are few rivals, and the rich performance of music sense is also superior.

The overall curve is balanced

The curve low frequency 100hz rises 3db, the intermediate frequency 800hz depression 2db, is conducive to the sound field performance. The 3000hz vocal section is raised by 4db, and the vocal details are rich, and the vocals are attached to the ear. The throat sound segment is 4000hz, the tooth sound segment is 6000hz recessed 3db, and the vocal sound is soft and not irritating. The music sense extension section 7000-10000hz section is raised by 4db, and the high-frequency and beautiful air is strong. Ultra-high frequency is moderate, not harsh, and the quality of listening.


Brand: Rose

Model: BR5 MKIIs

Impedance: 18Ω

Sensitivity: 118db

Frequency response range: 15hz-23khz

Connector: MMCX

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