AAW Amplifier / DAC Hi-Res Accessport Audio & Charge Adaptor for iPhone 
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It was shocking when Apple revealed the removal of 3.5mm port from iPhone 7.  While many focused on the compromise of functionality, we took a look at how this benefits us as a user.  

The removal of 3.5mm jack means the transition from analog to digital output.  We have found a significant gain in audio quality from headphones by using an external, dedicated Hi-Res certified DAC / amp.  Naturally we got down to the development of our Accessport.

There is a real advantage in audio depth using our Accessport.



Lightning Audio Module (LAM) purchased directly from the Apple-authorized supplier allows powerful and precise control over a complex set of incoming and outgoing digital / analog signals.  

The Accessport provides enough power to drive headphones with up to 300ohm impedance.  This means you can finally take your power-hungry studio cans on-the-go and enjoy its full potential without having to carry a big and heavy amplifier.  

The Accessport features a built-in female Lightning port so that you can listen and charge your iPhone 7 at the same time.  

AAW (Advanced AcousticWerkes) is makers of premier CIEM's (Custom In-Ear Monitors) based in Singapore.  We have been working closely with AAW to develop the Accessport for the last year.  Their immense know-how and expertise in acoustic engineering was the key in sourcing the right components together to maximize the performance of the Accessport.  


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